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How to Develop a Mobile Training Team Concept

Developing a mobile training team concept allows you to send instructors or training material to participants around the world, wherever training is needed. Military units use this concept to provide qualified trainers to diverse locations, often training leaders to train others. Educational institutions, large corporations and even small businesses can use this concept to deliver quality training to a large group of people using a small number of dedicated training professionals. Deployed nationally or internationally, a versatile team of trainers can provide customized instruction at a relatively low cost because only the trainers need to travel.

Analyzing Needs

Developing a mobile training team concept begins by analyzing potential training participants’ abilities and surveying their current level of performance on the tasks for which you intend to provide training. Analysis activities also typically include identifying the participants’ primary language and preferred learning styles as well as the technology available to them. Through comprehensive analysis, you can determine the current conditions in the participants’ environment. Then, you can define, develop and deliver a successful program

Defining Objectives

To clearly define your training objectives, start by describing the performance gap or training problem that you’re trying to solve. Articulate exactly when you need to intervene with a training solution, such as right as the person takes on a new role or three months later. For best results, define objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time constrained. Additionally, define the optimal learning environment for your training program. For example, mobile device technology, including laptops, smart phones, tablets and e-readers make training available to those in even the most remote locations. With a wireless connection and an unlimited data plan, a training participant can access self-paced multimedia learning, such as refresher training, on his own schedule

Developing Courses

Before you develop course materials that support a mobile training team concept, create a comprehensive training plan based on your analysis findings and defined learning objectives. Your plan should list the required hardware, software and equipment needed to conduct the course. For example, there may be minimal requirements to conduct a fitness program or there may be major equipment needs to train personnel on helicopter maintenance. Seek plan approved from your sponsors and stakeholders and then create the presentations, manuals, references guides or other material. The Project Management Institute provides tips, tools, templates and techniques for managing projects. The American Society for Training Development provides support for HR professionals who specialize in learning and development.

Evaluating Training

Evaluate your mobile training team concept on an ongoing basis to determine participants’ satisfaction, achievement, on-the-job performance and the mobile training team’s overall impact. Use this feedback to improve materials and adjust your approach so that participants get the most from the training program